Passion Talks Conference 2014, Berkeley

Short talks from academics and professionals integrating vocation, faith, and passion.

“Passion Talks” are short talks by Christian grad students, academics and professionals considering how their faith intersects with and impacts their work. Founded in 2012 by Christian grad students from UC Berkeley, UC Santa Cruz, UC San Francisco, and Stanford, Passion Talks is a growing platform for discussing the work-faith connection in all disciplines.



Organizing Committee

  • General Chair: Paul Riggins, UC Berkeley
  • Local Chair: Esther Cho, UC Berkeley
  • Media Chair: Elliott Slaughter, Stanford
  • Web Chair: Sherol Chen, UC Santa Cruz
  • Program Chair: Kassa Betre, Stanford
  • David Berger, UC Berkeley
  • Wendy Quay, Stanford
  • La Toya Tooles, Stanford
  • TJ Tsai, UC Berkeley
  • Rebecca Wernis, UC Berkeley

Program Committee

  • Kassa Betre, Stanford
  • Paul Riggins, UC Berkeley
  • Sherol Chen, UC Santa Cruz
  • TJ Tsai, UC Berkeley